KPI Nil Response feat. Hau

Born from an egg on a mountain top, I-Raq Records burst forth from the womb in jets of bloody mucous in 1999 – the brainchild of the secret Illuminati brotherhood pulling the strings of Canberra-based musical monsters Koolism.


After being forced at gun point to release epic EP’s ‘The Season’ and ‘Blue Notes’ along with the stone cold Australian classic ‘Pt.1’ in 2000, the boys quickly realised that being signed to a label that contributed absolutely nothing to them beyond a shoddy logo and misguided criticism was slightly less than optimal and decided to escape – going on to arguably greater things on some other khant’s label before ever managing to release the remaining EPs of the mythical Koolism 4 part series.

Tearfully waving farewell to their departed breadren whilst simultaneously stuffing tea towels into the gaping holes in their collective heart to stem the flow of grief-tinged, yet heroic, hip hop golden era-issued blood, I-Raq Records immediately turned it’s dynamism and endless creative ability to the fashion world, morphing into Article Don apparel – in the process managing to piggy back off the success of Koolism for at least a few more years as it churned out seminal threads in it’s South-East Asian sweatshops staffed by under-aged tarsiers, paid entirely in synthetic grasshoppers (made in Article Don’s Bangladesh-based synthetic insect factories).

The 2000’s saw a steady stream of releases from KOA Sound System alumni, Koolism and Axe Aklins – conquering ear canals both here and abroad, occasionally moistening the odd panty liner and armpit in the process, yet somehow accidentally forgetting to come out through the immortal I-Raq Records label.


Fast forward to 2016 where after years of harassment from industry peers and fans as far away as Uzbekistan and Cooma, the council of learned elders that oversaw the creation of the musical powerhouse that is I-Raq Muthafucken Records has agreed to again unleash the Deathrow Records of Tuggeranong upon an unsuspecting and extremely vulnerable public (who’re just asking for it, look at the way they’re dressed!).

Below we have a brand new track from the KPI crew (Axe Aklins & Roshambo), featuring Koolism MC & triple j Hip Hop Show host Hau with production from D’Opus. This is the title track to the upcoming Nil Response mixtape dropping October 24.