Seth Sentry – My Scene (Megatroid Remix)

My Scene is the first single from Seth Sentry’s highly-anticipated debut album. Humorously and light-heartedly Seth steers us through scenarios that reiterate his outlook on life… that any scene you can find has enough cool people in it to make for a worthwhile visit now and again, but some people just aren’t meant for permanent residence in any one scene. No single lifestyle or ethos can sum up an entire person. Without any attempt at being so, My Scene is a declaration of independent thought. A kind of ‘live and let live’ thing. Recent RJD2 Remix winner Megatriod has recently released a cracking remix of Seth’s latest … Continue reading Seth Sentry – My Scene (Megatroid Remix)

Forbes / Bad, meet Evil… Collaboration Tee

In early 2010, JRF was handed a demo by a young Gold Coast emcee after a chance encounter. Upon pressing play, he was immediately sucked into a black hole of insanity, filled with yrical genius, mind-warping beats and a ridiculous flow. A year later, Forbes is now proudly sponsored by BME and has his name on a strictly limited edition collaboration tee. All Bad, meet Evil… tees are only made from the highest quality materials, and are produced under strict guidelines to ensure every garment looks and feels amazing. Bad, meet Evil… produces only limited edition, premium quality tees, and focuses … Continue reading Forbes / Bad, meet Evil… Collaboration Tee