Seth Sentry – My Scene (Megatroid Remix)

My Scene is the first single from Seth Sentry’s highly-anticipated debut album. Humorously and light-heartedly Seth steers us through scenarios that reiterate his outlook on life… that any scene you can find has enough cool people in it to make for a worthwhile visit now and again, but some people just aren’t meant for permanent residence in any one scene.

No single lifestyle or ethos can sum up an entire person. Without any attempt at being so, My Scene is a declaration of independent thought. A kind of ‘live and let live’ thing. Recent RJD2 Remix winner Megatriod has recently released a cracking remix of Seth’s latest single. The concept for the remix is that the beat is constantly changing styles to match the different scenes Seth goes through in his verses. Megatroid is currently working with Tape Death to produce a Down For The Count Records Remix album. Stay tuned for that one.

In related Seth Sentry news check out his latest efforts as he teams up with our good friends over at Bad, Meet Evil for the releases of the Ben Brown X BME range and also the Rik Lee X BME limited edition run. Get em while you can by clicking on the pic.

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