A-Diction – New Film Clip “Lost For Words” [Taken from the album Walkin’ Alone’]

Here is the brand new clip for A-Dictions track Lost For Words taken from the 2010 Release Walkin’ Alone, distrbiuted by Obese Records. Find our album review below and the link for the interview below that. Walkin Alone is the title to Melbourne duo emcee’s Breach and Boltz. Many will recognise these two, with previous mixtape releases under their belt, some may also remember Boltz’ classic Wishlist release from years back. Walkin Alone is an album which combines the observations of city life, relationships, the future and even the 7 deadly sins into a hip hop painted outline of Boltz and Breachs reality. Walkin Alone the title track … Continue reading A-Diction – New Film Clip “Lost For Words” [Taken from the album Walkin’ Alone’]

Bigfoot – Giant Steps (Nov. 12)

A stalwart of the Melbourne music scene since the mid 90’s, Bigfoot needs little introduction to those with an ear to the underground. Etching out a reputation for thunderous production, aggressive flows and a formidable stage presence, Bigfoot has been a scene-stealer since day one. Following the momentum created by his regular appearances on the now legendary PBS Formula sessions, Bigfoot began his reputation as a prolific guest-spot killer with his verse on Brad Strut’s Authentic LP in 2001, and he soon appeared on studio tracks and live bills with the likes of Bias B, Tornts, Hospice Crew, Brothers Stoney and Reason. As the … Continue reading Bigfoot – Giant Steps (Nov. 12)

A-Diction – Walkin’ Alone

The name A-Diction says it all; wordplay, cleverness, and an overall obsession with the previous two points. Born and raised in Melbourne, the duo consists of emcee’s Breach and Boltz. Breach, the precise wordsmith with focussed flow and witty punchlines, and Boltz, the crooner known for his explosive debut album The Wishlist, which featured international heavyweight Royce da 5’9” and local producer extraordinaire M-Phazes. Walkin’ Alone is the title of your first LP release and features a whole range of crews and mates chipping with vocals, beats and cuts on various tracks, from M-Phazes to Fraksha and Mules to DJ Juice of the battlehogs, Doc Felix and more. Has this release … Continue reading A-Diction – Walkin’ Alone