Broken Lock x Steen Jones

Known for drawing inspiration from music and its natural sub cultures, Melbourne based jewelry and design line Broken Lock has collaborated with tattoo and visual artist Steen Jones on a limited edition, 24-piece collection of pendants. From drawing to pendant, these handcrafted and sculpted pieces draw reference from Steen’s traditional tattoo influence and Broken Lock’s raw, creative design. The sterling silver pendants feature 6 different characters: Bulldog, Wolf, Panther, Horse, Eagle and Skull. Indicative of their attention to detail, the jewelry box contains a custom BL X SJ engraved hip-flask and a mini bottle of spirits, and can be bought on the night … Continue reading Broken Lock x Steen Jones

Broken Lock

Melbourne born creative style collides with raw-Russian blood coursing through the veins of each piece of Broken Lock jewellery; a true representation of our physical emotions and cultural influences brought to life through precious and premium materials. Each piece is a unique connection between artist and wearer. Crafted, carved and sculpted; matte, oxidised, bright or polished silver and brass, worn with pride. We are inspired by the way music constantly dances on the line of art and influence; and the natural sub cultures which impact our lives so profoundly. Broken Lock is a metaphor; a daily reminder that you can do … Continue reading Broken Lock