Broken Lock

Melbourne born creative style collides with raw-Russian blood coursing through the veins of each piece of Broken Lock jewellery; a true representation of our physical emotions and cultural influences brought to life through precious and premium materials.

Each piece is a unique connection between artist and wearer. Crafted, carved and sculpted; matte, oxidised, bright or polished silver and brass, worn with pride. We are inspired by the way music constantly dances on the line of art and influence; and the natural sub cultures which impact our lives so profoundly. Broken Lock is a metaphor; a daily reminder that you can do anything you want to. No door is locked, and if it is, you have the ability to break it; the ability to take what is yours.

Broken: ruptured; divided into parts violently.
Lock: any device for stopping the motion of a mechanism

The Message Collection – Available now at Broken Lock

‘Given; it is a treasure to wear as a reflection of the moment on which it is received, for we do not remember days, only moments.’

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