Highs & Lows x Le Coq Sportif R1000 Swan Pack

We are pleased to present you a visual feed of the upcoming Highs & Lows x Le Coq Sportif ‘Swan Pack’. The R1000 Swan was produced in the experienced hands of HAL’s design team, the R1000’s sleek dimensions and multi-layered paneling are the perfect foil for their avian muse. The colour story speaks for itself, with the red ‘beak’ of the shoe making the most dramatic visual announcement. Plush suede, nubuck, calfskin leather and perforated toe boxes add a suitably regal blend of texture and tone to Le Coq’s raddest 90s runner. Both the Black Swan and White Swan silhouettes … Continue reading Highs & Lows x Le Coq Sportif R1000 Swan Pack

DE Collective

In 2008 the seed was planted with DE and the ground work began, by then end of 2009 manufacturing was now ready to begin, from the inhouse design to the supreme quality screenprints, sewing stations and packaging/ despatch area, the DE train is now in full swing. With still a journey ahead DE very much appreciate all the support from loyal wearers, and look forward to a very bright future. Who is DE for ? – Basically DE in a nutshell is a somewhat eccentric street fashion brand that was created for people who are just REAL people, not posers, not tough … Continue reading DE Collective

Broken Lock

Melbourne born creative style collides with raw-Russian blood coursing through the veins of each piece of Broken Lock jewellery; a true representation of our physical emotions and cultural influences brought to life through precious and premium materials. Each piece is a unique connection between artist and wearer. Crafted, carved and sculpted; matte, oxidised, bright or polished silver and brass, worn with pride. We are inspired by the way music constantly dances on the line of art and influence; and the natural sub cultures which impact our lives so profoundly. Broken Lock is a metaphor; a daily reminder that you can do … Continue reading Broken Lock

Phable – All Jeans Tell A Story

The humble pair of jeans is considered a classic. Phable has hand made the new classic. Established in Sydney, Phable was built on the drive of denim designers Brody and Luke as a creative outlet, a vent, a punching bag for a vision formed by the loss of identity created by mass production. Using the most prestigious Japanese selvedge denim available, buttons and rivets from Italy and vintage construction techniques, these guys know their denim. They also know the unwritten stories that lie dormant within raw denim. Phable is proud with the fact that they only do half a job … Continue reading Phable – All Jeans Tell A Story

Abuze London Clothing

Introducing Abuze London Clothing, the best of contemporary British urbanwear since 2001. Abuze brings the spirit of the London street art community to Asia-Pacific amid a wide range of styles that all embody individualism, artistic freedom and creative expression.  The history of Abuze LDN is firmly planted in our love of cutting edge aesthetics and premium quality streetwear. The creative process has benefited from the desire to collaborate with leading artists and our prolific rate of creating new styles The label was est. in 2001 by members of 2 big graffiti crews, Vandals For Life and Too Damn Fresh. Over time Abuze LDN has grown and … Continue reading Abuze London Clothing

Fiasco Street Wear

There’s a reason the gear you see in the stores is made to look vintage. The old school created the game and they’re the only ones that know how to run it. That’s where the kids of today go wrong. A snapback is an accessory, not an outfit, and if you wanna set yourself apart on the court or in the street, you gotta freshen’ things up with the hottest vintage apparel around.  That’s where Fiasco Street Wear comes in, schooling one misinformed cat at a time by pushing only the rarest and most sought after vintage pieces. We’re talking … Continue reading Fiasco Street Wear

Mad Hata – The Snapback Boutique

Mad Hata is the online store of dopeness with a mission in bringing Australia the best caps from around the world to your doorstep. Run by two dipshits who grew up with each other, born out of frustration that we weren’t rich and rolling in some fat stacks so they decided to take on Australia one head at a time. Dubbed The Snapback Boutique, Mad Hata opened as an online boutique around five months ago, sourcing original overseas hat labels and selling them to those yearning for a decent hat outlet in Australia. Specialising in caps and a great line of … Continue reading Mad Hata – The Snapback Boutique