Abuze London Clothing

Introducing Abuze London Clothing, the best of contemporary British urbanwear since 2001. Abuze brings the spirit of the London street art community to Asia-Pacific amid a wide range of styles that all embody individualism, artistic freedom and creative expression. 

The history of Abuze LDN is firmly planted in our love of cutting edge aesthetics and premium quality streetwear. The creative process has benefited from the desire to collaborate with leading artists and our prolific rate of creating new styles The label was est. in 2001 by members of 2 big graffiti crews, Vandals For Life and Too Damn Fresh. Over time Abuze LDN has grown and has featured exclusive collabs with artists like Plastic Bones and musicians including Foreign Beggars.

In 2011 the label opened their flagship store in East London, and locally, has found its way into the hip hop scene via artists like Eloquor, M-Phazes, Thundamentals and even 360.  Abuze London was recently featured in the video clip for 360’s gold status track ChildAbuze is now sold in premier Australian retailers like Obese Records, Villain, City Limits Boutique, 567 and Butter Beats

Corridor Clothing is the official Australian stockist for Abuze London Clothing and is constantly seeking to source those labels from within the entire streetwear world that most emphasise design, quality and good pricing. Corridor Clothing does everything the name suggests. Top quality streetwear and accessories from within the confines of a corridor. Abouze London is also now stocked at Sydney hip hop stalwarts Lopez Records and also Cold Krush Adelaide.

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