Rapaport 100 Bars Promo Video

Big Village Records label boss Rapaport has dropped a banging new vid of 100 bars of grimey badness over the biggest grime beat of 2011, Faze Miyake’s Take Off. The video is the first piece of media to promote the forthcoming solo Rapaport mixtape Patterns, which will be out in the month of July.

The release is a bossy step into the grime and Bass music sound with all the beats sitting on the 140 bpm mark. Rapaport has had a curiously diverse musical output since he released his debut solo album Laughing On The Inside independently in 2009.

From laid back hip hop group Loose Change with Ellesquire and producer extraordinaire P Major, to being guitarist and vocalist in left field live band The Phonies, and creator and director of Hip Hop pictionary game show Sketch the RhymeRapaportPatterns Mixtape dropping July 2012.

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