Fiasco Street Wear

There’s a reason the gear you see in the stores is made to look vintage. The old school created the game and they’re the only ones that know how to run it. That’s where the kids of today go wrong. A snapback is an accessory, not an outfit, and if you wanna set yourself apart on the court or in the street, you gotta freshen’ things up with the hottest vintage apparel around. 

That’s where Fiasco Street Wear comes in, schooling one misinformed cat at a time by pushing only the rarest and most sought after vintage pieces. We’re talking sweats, snaps, basketball jerseys, accessories and dead stock tees and tanks. Born and bred in Melbourne, Anthony is 22 years old. He grew up obsessed with playing sport and making money. Whether it was hustling cans of soft drink and chocolate bars during lunchtime at school or organising card games, he always seemed to think differently to everyone else when it came to business. He soon found out in his first business management class that he would have to change his approach to money making when he and a few of his friends failed their small business assignment by, cutting a long story short, trying to cheat other students out of their hard earned in a card game they had created.

Daniel is also a Melbourne boy and grew up on the other side of town. He fared a lot better in his business class, teaming up with one of his mates to create ‘Fiasco Apparel’, an online clothing brand. Together, they designed their own Tee’s and sold them throughout Australia and even to a few customers overseas. For a high school project with little to no advertising, it was a success. But, as the time approached where everyone has to ‘grow up and make something of themselves’, the business took a back seat and eventually stalled.

As it turned out, the two were keen on making something of themselves, but had no intention of growing up. After meeting through a mutual friend at Uni, higher education finally took on a greater meaning for both of them: it was the perfect opportunity to meet at the bar everyday and smash beer after beer whilst all the other suckers learnt about whatever bullshit they teach at those places. World domination came up a few times, but mainly it was all about Lager vs. Draught and how to cheat in exams to ensure they’d be allowed to continue their courses the following year. That was, until one of them brought up something almost as important.

They had just grabbed a beer and took a seat one day at Uni, when they started to discuss Fiasco and whether it could be revived. Daniel said it wasn’t the time to start designing again, and they didn’t want to be yet more people just pushing snapbacks. But they couldn’t help but notice the trends, and even sooner noticed that there was room for an Australian based vintage sports online store. They were the type of clothes that the two wore, and without a doubt clothes from a different era were making a comeback in a big way and that’s how Fiasco Street Wear was born. Since then, step by step, they’ve been building. 

From sourcing stock from multiple suppliers and dealing with missing orders to the design of the site, taking pictures and trying to blow up the brand on every social network, it’s been a crazy busy period. But to see what’s been made in just a few months, it’s all been worth it. And even better, the response they’ve got so far has been phenomenal. Fiasco Street Wear has paired up with Stannard, a young local hip hop artist from Warrnambool, and whilst they’re hoping he can spread the word about the brand in his neck of the woods, its been awesome coming up with ways of trying to get him exposure too.

The site is Anthony and Daniel’s salute to the old school, the players of way back that not only shaped the sports that we love, but created a style that has stood the test of time and will live on long past the numbers and stats. Even though modern fashion labels try to emulate vintage in their current lines, there’s a certain class that can’t be manufactured, a certain charm that will always go missing. Fiasco Street Wear will constantly look to stay true to this belief, treating both its products and its customers with the respect that both should be given.

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