DE Collective

In 2008 the seed was planted with DE and the ground work began, by then end of 2009 manufacturing was now ready to begin, from the inhouse design to the supreme quality screenprints, sewing stations and packaging/ despatch area, the DE train is now in full swing. With still a journey ahead DE very much appreciate all the support from loyal wearers, and look forward to a very bright future.

Who is DE for ? – Basically DE in a nutshell is a somewhat eccentric street fashion brand that was created for people who are just REAL people, not posers, not tough guys, people who actually respect others.

DE ‘s was not created with dollar signs in the eyes, but with an approach that restores faith to people who don’t want to wear degrading pictures of females, or negative violent influenced designs, on their T-shirts. DE is worn by many loyal supporters such as skaters, fighters (without an ego), freestyle BMX-ers, street performers, table tennis players, hip hop stars, and footballers to mention a few.

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