Fraksha sends for LayZ over bitten bars, bodies him in the process

If you live in Australia and fuck with any type of grime, then you’ve mostly likely heard of the man leading the way in AUS, Fraksha. Having introduced many on our shores to the murky sounds of the grime scene, it totally … Continue reading Fraksha sends for LayZ over bitten bars, bodies him in the process

LGEEZ Cloud 9

Alex Jones and Son Of Sam began working on music together in 2012 and recently both have joined BTE and now under the name LGEEZ they present you with their debut album Cloud 9. Cloud 9 the listener seam through a variety of styles and influences ranging from grimy hip hop like The Anthem, produced by Realizm, to new school trap music as displayed with Fu## It, produced by Juve. Alex & Sam have been deep in the mix of these genres and everyone in between for sometime now, so the whole process of making the album together was a natural … Continue reading LGEEZ Cloud 9

Broken Tooth 2011 Wrap Up

At BTE, 2011 has been the year of Ciecmate. With all of our artists being quite vigilant on the local show front, Ciecmate has risen above and beyond releasing both his debut full length solo album, Game Over, and a production album, Chess Sounds Vol. 1 highlighting local and international guests over his signature sounds. Following on from the success of the two albums, Ciecmate toured the full country with the Funkoars in support of their new high energy album, The Quickening. Joining the tour with Ciecmate, and also officially joining the BTE fold was $2 Scratchies star, 2 x … Continue reading Broken Tooth 2011 Wrap Up

Maggot Mouf – You’re All Ears (Album Preview) July 16

Coming straight out of government housing and searing his mark into the Canberra hip hop scene with his crew Alikeminds was just the start for Maggot Mouf. His latest album, You’re All Ears is ready to lay down an aural assault with its crisp production and sharply observed lyrics. You’re All Ears features production by BTE’s powerhouse, Ciecmate and the intimidating talent of Sammy Scissors. Featuring guest verses from 1/6 (this year’s 2010 Hilltop Hoods Initiative Winner), Scotty Hinds (Nine High / Smash Brothers), Dekoda and additional production from the devastating Joey Gargoyle and Bigfoot (Hired Goons / 750 Rebels), … Continue reading Maggot Mouf – You’re All Ears (Album Preview) July 16

A New Chapter in the BTE Story is Being Written…

Broken Tooth Entertainments newsletter will be hitting your inbox soon. The guys use this opportunity to dispel some of the rumors around Shogun Distribution. Here’s what they had to say: With a thousand and one rumours currently doing the rounds in regards to Shogun Distribution, Broken Tooth Entertainment would like to assure their fans that a new chapter is being written. We are working diligently to secure a new home for Australia’s most consistent label, and would like you all to stay safe in the knowledge you will still be able to find all our new albums and back catalogue … Continue reading A New Chapter in the BTE Story is Being Written…