Fraksha sends for LayZ over bitten bars, bodies him in the process

If you live in Australia and fuck with any type of grime, then you’ve mostly likely heard of the man leading the way in AUS, Fraksha. Having introduced many on our shores to the murky sounds of the grime scene, it totally blew us away when UK rapper (say biter) attempted to pass off one of Fraksha’s better know flows as one of his own.

Premiering on Complex late last month, rapper Lay Z dropped his suspiciously named track ’That’s What I’m On’ featuring JME and Frisco. This quickly made the rounds in Australia, with people highlighting the fact Lay Z’s track featured similar concepts to that of the Fraksha track released way back in 2011.

Not being one to shy from issues, Fraksha hit Lay Z on Twitter, only to receive no response. Obviously Lay Z is sticking his head in the sand on this one, hoping that all of this goes away. Check some of the reactions on Twitter below.

After a few days of hearing nothing back, Fraksha decided to up the ante by dropping a massively heavy track titled Call It How I Hear It (Send for LayZ). Here Fraksha quickly settles who is not only the better emcee, but also stakes his claim over the original track with sever conviction. You can check some of the twitter banter below as well as peep both of the tracks for comparison. What do you think? Is Lay Z a biter? Let us know in the comment section below.

Fraksha – I Call It How I See It

Compare the original track from Fraksha (2011) and Lay Z’s (2015) below. 

Fraksha / Fatty Phew / Diem – Take Off Freestyle

Lay Z That’s What I’m On feat. JME & Frisco

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2 thoughts on “Fraksha sends for LayZ over bitten bars, bodies him in the process

  1. UK invented Grime so Aussies are biting it just by doing it in the first place. There’s a reason we kicked you out of the country in the first place!

  2. truedat… Fraksha IS English you nonce. If only the English kicked out the stupid as well…….

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