Billy Bunks Greyhound Eight

Local champion Billy Bunks recently released a brand new track titled Greyhound Eight, lifted from his upcoming release Milk Money 2: Eat The Grains. Take The Piss. Which has to be one of the best titles we’ve come across.


Greyhound Eight follows on from the track A Grainy Image, which was released in April this year. Bunks has thrown the new track, Greyhound Eight up on Broken Tooth Entertainments Bandcamp page for a name your price download. You can also pick up a dope little pre-order pack for the upcoming release. It includes a hardcopy CD, T-Shirt, Poster n that and of course a couple of stickers. It has also been noted that you might get a plastic clip off a bread bag, only if you’re lucky.

Pre-order packages are available here