Skomes Mindloops Ona Heartbeat

Skomes is a Melbourne based beat-maker, DJ and vinyl enthusiast. Thanks to his music loving parents and his own love of digging, he was brought up on classic hip hop, jazz, soul, funk, psychedelic rock, punk, reggae, folk and world music. These influences are manifested in his sample heavy, stripped back beats, which range from sweet and soulful, to dark and menacing, to woozy, laid back and smoked out. Having provided production and remixes (under a variety of aliases) for Melbourne artists including Mantra, Cazeaux, O.S.L.O, In Good Company, The Psyde Projects and Tom Showtime among others. Having provided production and … Continue reading Skomes Mindloops Ona Heartbeat

REMi announces impressive support list for RAW X INFINITY Tour

With his brand new album “RAW X INFINITY” the feature album on triple j this week, REMi has just dropped another big announcement, revealing the incredible list of artists joining him for his upcoming national album tour. Not content taking a couple of acts to every city, REMi and long-term collaborators Sensible J and Dutch have invited an impressive and diverse selection of talented acts from right across the country to join them in different cities. Including artists L-Fresh the Lion, N’fa Jones, Silent Jay, Hau, Akouo, WZRDKID, Knoe, MzRizk, Bates, Omar Musa, Tigerilla, Relevent & Cazeaux O.S.L.O. REMI – Raw x … Continue reading REMi announces impressive support list for RAW X INFINITY Tour