Skomes Mindloops Ona Heartbeat

Skomes is a Melbourne based beat-maker, DJ and vinyl enthusiast. Thanks to his music loving parents and his own love of digging, he was brought up on classic hip hop, jazz, soul, funk, psychedelic rock, punk, reggae, folk and world music. These influences are manifested in his sample heavy, stripped back beats, which range from sweet and soulful, to dark and menacing, to woozy, laid back and smoked out. Having provided production and remixes (under a variety of aliases) for Melbourne artists including Mantra, Cazeaux, O.S.L.O, In Good Company, The Psyde Projects and Tom Showtime among others. Having provided production and … Continue reading Skomes Mindloops Ona Heartbeat

Tom Showtime featuring The Psyde Projects – Funk Pants

What do you get when Melbourne’s own ‘Purveyor Of Fine Funk‘ and Australia’s premier ‘Golden Era’ hip hop group collaborate? You get Funk Pants. Fresh from the release of his debut album The Jam Thief, Tom Showtime produces a beat with so much funk that only The Psyde Projects could possibly match. D-Fro, ILResponce and Mr Moonshine add their party rocking flavour that ensures this release will set dance floors stir crazy. Featuring big horn lines, a crate digger’s funk loop, punchy rhymes and catchy hook, it will please funksters and hip hop heads alike. Completing the release is Moonshine’s Boogie Flip, … Continue reading Tom Showtime featuring The Psyde Projects – Funk Pants

The Psyde Projects – Orfd

The Psyde Projects are happy to introduce to you their new single Orfd. The new EP leans towards a more electronic direction as you’ll notice with this single. Late last year The Psyde Projects went off on their first ever tour to promote their debut album, Welcome to Boomtown.  After their very successful album launch, their hit single Kay-Pee-Em got picked up by Australia’s national music radio show, Triple J, which received great reviews and was played on high rotation!  This year they’re set to tour nationally again to promote their second 6 track EP aptly titled The Psyde Projects: Volume II. Whilst still staying true to the sampling … Continue reading The Psyde Projects – Orfd

allaussie hip hop spotlight on: The Psyde Projects – Welcome to Boomtown

Welcome to Boomtown is The Psyde Project’s first full-length album and to promote their album (which they are getting pressed on vinyl) they’ve set out to bring the ruckus upon unsuspecting crowds throughout Australia. The Psyde Projects are Melbourne’s chief party rockers and finest purveyors of that ol’ ‘Golden Age’ hip-hop sound! Their music, their delivery and on-stage chemistry brings a package that rocks the house. Irrespective of taste, crowds jive and bounce to The Psyde Projects flavour! D-Fro, ILResponce and Mr Moonshine’s music is littered with samples from diggers’ records and unpretentious lyrics. All three of them beat-makers, The … Continue reading allaussie hip hop spotlight on: The Psyde Projects – Welcome to Boomtown