allaussie hip hop spotlight on: The Psyde Projects – Welcome to Boomtown

Welcome to Boomtown is The Psyde Project’s first full-length album and to promote their album (which they are getting pressed on vinyl) they’ve set out to bring the ruckus upon unsuspecting crowds throughout Australia.
The Psyde Projects are Melbourne’s chief party rockers and finest purveyors of that ol’ ‘Golden Age’ hip-hop sound! Their music, their delivery and on-stage chemistry brings a package that rocks the house. Irrespective of taste, crowds jive and bounce to The Psyde Projects flavour!
D-Fro, ILResponce and Mr Moonshine’s music is littered with samples from diggers’ records and unpretentious lyrics. All three of them beat-makers, The Psyde Projects have an affinity with vinyl and the MPC, and together the three colour their music with genres and styles off a variety of records.

D-Fro has worked with the Inflatables, offered vocals for local favourites Scattermish, The Melodics, and Mu-Gen. The man’s talents, however, do not stop with the mic, as D’Fro contributes to the production of The Psyde Projects sound. Place him behind the trustee turntables and he’ll deliver on point, and then some more. However, not much else is known about this mysterious individual.

ILResponce is one of the most modest but hard working emcees in the city. Spending hours on rhymes at work – and MPC breakdowns – ILResponce will stop for nobody. Even if you ask him nicely. A keen (and sometimes addictive) digger, the man will leave no crate un-combed to discover a loop or break. Money, credit cards, girlfriends are only but small compromises in his journey of diggin’ in the crates.

Mr Moonshine plays regular gigs at highly respected venues around Melbourne. Whether dropping underground hip hop, disco, fonk, pop, house, bangin’ b’more, or anything else that tickles his fancy, his sets are eclectic and interesting yet still remain upbeat. Depending on the venue and mood, Moonshine can mix his tunes hip-hop style or he can play deep, and soulful. Production wise, Moonshine delivers the right kinda flavour to the table!

Keep your ears peeled for The Psyde Projects who are set to release their second EP shortly, and are already hard working on their second album. Impressed?
We hope so!