Grey Ghost – The Elixir

Grey Ghost is a talented musician, filmmaker and graphic artist who has made his mark over several mediums and under seveal names. Starting his music career under the moniker Jeremedy in much-loved Melbourne beat experimentalists The Melodics, his style has snowballed over the past five years, evolving into what is now Grey Ghost. A triumphant follow up to his debut self titled EP from 2012, The Elixir EP is a robust mix of experimental hip hop and the next evolutionary step forward in Grey Ghost’s career. To bring together this collection of stylistically complex songs, Grey Ghost enlisted producers Jan Skubiszeweski … Continue reading Grey Ghost – The Elixir

Grey Ghost EP

Arising from the death of Melbourne beat experimentalists The Melodics; Grey Ghost is a one-man journey through time, space and sound. From the natural poetry of Jeremedy’s urban parlance, to the kind of universal rhythms that awaken our inner primate; this is music, however technological, that remains unmistakably and beautifully human. Debuting with a handful of songs that reiterate a definitive post-rap sound and ideology, Grey Ghost is a collision of the real world and the imagination – where opposing laws of musical physics are defied and then redefined. Futuristic, retro and retro-futuristic all in one; Grey Ghost is rock … Continue reading Grey Ghost EP

Rapper Tag # 40 – Jeremedy (Grey Ghost)

Jeremedy is the space age rhythm-poet known for his work as frontman of Melbourne’s Electronica Rock-Hop crew The Melodics. He is also known for his high energy guest spots with various rappers including Mantra and 360. He’s latest project is Grey Ghost.  He is also a sort after graphic artist, creating high quality art for music. Grey Ghost aka Ghosty Grey aka Art Ghostfunkle is a space age rhythm-poet from Melbourne town. Mixing Punk, New Wave & Hip-Hop his Debut EP (tentatively titled The Life & Times Of Ghosty Grey) is due for physical, digital & spiritual release soon. The first … Continue reading Rapper Tag # 40 – Jeremedy (Grey Ghost)

allaussie hip hop spotlight on: The Psyde Projects – Welcome to Boomtown

Welcome to Boomtown is The Psyde Project’s first full-length album and to promote their album (which they are getting pressed on vinyl) they’ve set out to bring the ruckus upon unsuspecting crowds throughout Australia. The Psyde Projects are Melbourne’s chief party rockers and finest purveyors of that ol’ ‘Golden Age’ hip-hop sound! Their music, their delivery and on-stage chemistry brings a package that rocks the house. Irrespective of taste, crowds jive and bounce to The Psyde Projects flavour! D-Fro, ILResponce and Mr Moonshine’s music is littered with samples from diggers’ records and unpretentious lyrics. All three of them beat-makers, The … Continue reading allaussie hip hop spotlight on: The Psyde Projects – Welcome to Boomtown

Illy – The Chase [Out Now]

Melbourne MC Illy returns with a stunning second album, The Chase. Fuelled by the blazing first single It Can Wait feat. Owl Eyes (#3, #4 most played on Triple J through the first two weeks of October 2010 and added to NOVA nights nationally and across the board in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane), the album is the addiction to desire- the moments that define all the emotion and uncertainty of the pursuit of happiness. Buoyed by an incredible palette of infectious production, The Chase is filled with soaring melodies (M-Phazes work on Cigarettes), hard hitting flow (We Don’t Care) and unmistakable chart topping appeal … Continue reading Illy – The Chase [Out Now]