Grey Ghost The Life & Times Of Ghostie Grey

Arising from the death of Melbourne beat experimentalists The Melodics; Grey Ghost is a one-man journey through time, space and sound.


From the natural poetry of Jeremedy’s urban parlance, to the kind of universal rhythms that awaken our inner primate; this is music, however technological, that remains unmistakably and beautifully human.

Debuting with a handful of songs that reiterate a definitive post-rap sound and ideology, Grey Ghost is a collision of the real world and the imagination – where opposing laws of musical physics are defied and then redefined. Futuristic, retro and retro-futuristic all in one; Grey Ghost is rock music you can dance to, mixed with dance music that rocks.

Creativity let off the leash.

Grey Ghost’s social conscience and turn-of-phrase bring depth and reality to a musical realm that can often be fantastical and bordering on the strange. His ability to communicate, however using this unbeaten path, is always crystal clear. There is an essential sense of adventure to Grey Ghost, but it connects.

Having already collaborated with producers Jan Skubiszewski and Matik plus an impeccable production team that includes the likes of Forrester Savell and Scott Horscroft; the first-generation of Grey Ghost’s songs are enriched by the chemistry of like minds. The artistic vision of one man, shared and realised by the most esteemed of his peers.

Grey Ghost has a brand new mixtape coming titled The Life & Times Of Ghostie Grey, there is also a launch for the tape this Friday in Melbourne at Howler. Tickets available now. 

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