Lotek – International Rude Boy (Nov 20)

Wayne Lotek Bennet is an award-winning music producer from North London and currently based in Melbourne, Australia.  He produces a mash up of hip-hop, reggae influenced grime and UK dancehall.  With an enviable production resume and stellar career in Europe as part of Lotek Hifi, he matches refined production with musical originality in a rare package.  A cornerstone of Big Dada and Ninja Tunes, he is the production maestro behind Speech Debelle’s 2009 Mercury Prize winning album Speech Therapy and Roots Manuva’s pivotal releases Brand New Second Hand and Run Come Save Me.

It is this extensive background knowledge that gives Lotek the tools, but it’s his approach to music that makes his own music something to take notice of. Mixing old-skool ragamuffin skanks with a British wit, Soundsystem meet emcee and are washed in the grime of London. The mixture of live instrumentation that isn’t afraid to include a complete horn sound, with phat beats and heavy bass sees Lotek grinding a sinuous Caribbean feel amongst a traditionalist hip hop approach. It’s as much live punch as it is synth extract – pushing genre boundaries that have been for too long taken as gospel. As summer pushes winter down the cold hard stairs of spring and struts back into our lives, the debut solo album, International Rudeboy, from Mercury Prize winning producer, Wayne Lotek, is primed to ignite the music scene with his own cheeky UK hiphop laid over traditional reggae and ska sounds.

International Rudeboy offers a rare insight into the musical genius that has already achieved critical acclaim as a producer. The half Jamaican, half Londoner, is set to follow his past work and please some ears with his self-penned and self-produced musical offering.
Released 20 November 2010

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