Lotek – International Rude Boy (Nov 20)

Wayne Lotek Bennet is an award-winning music producer from North London and currently based in Melbourne, Australia.  He produces a mash up of hip-hop, reggae influenced grime and UK dancehall.  With an enviable production resume and stellar career in Europe as part of Lotek Hifi, he matches refined production with musical originality in a rare package.  A cornerstone of Big Dada and Ninja Tunes, he is the production maestro behind Speech Debelle’s 2009 Mercury Prize winning album Speech Therapy and Roots Manuva’s pivotal releases Brand New Second Hand and Run Come Save Me. It is this extensive background knowledge that … Continue reading Lotek – International Rude Boy (Nov 20)

Plutonic Lab smashing up the scene

The 2009 Mercury Prize winner has been announced – Speech Debelle’s album Speech Therapy. The album features two singles, “The Key” and “Better Days” – both tracks co-written and produced by none other then the great Plutonic Lab. Congratulations to Pluto for this massive achievement. His production work on the album has been described as “like no hip hop record you’ve ever heard” (Dazed & Confused) and “A pleasurable point of difference in modern hip hop” (M8). “The Key” was named single of the week in both NME and the Sunday Times. Plutonic Lab has just completed work on the … Continue reading Plutonic Lab smashing up the scene