New single from Chester P raising funds for King Robbo

Legends is dedicated to the graffiti writers…A brilliant description of the underground labyrinth of tunnels and eerie world that only graffiti writers experience. Brilliantly told by one of the most instantly recognisable voices in Hip Hop. Following the sad passing of one of London’s all out graff Kings, Robbo Chester P of Task Force has released a brand new single where all funds raised from the track will be used to help support Robbo’s family and those closest to the man himself. Robbo 484 started writing in the late 70’s early 80’s, and started painting trains in 1984 going on to paint steel all … Continue reading New single from Chester P raising funds for King Robbo

PLGRM presents Independent Hip Hop

Independent hip hop characterisers itself through social commentary, philosophy and deep thought, replacing the generic tales of Huslin’ and honeys in the club, that are so often associated with the entire Hip Hop genre. PLGRM had the opportunity to explore this musical genre rich with lyricism, poetry and ideas. Talking with 2/3’s of legendary UK outfit Taskforce, D.I.T.C’s A.G, and some of the most talented Australian Independent Hip Hop artists, we quickly found that there’s a lot more to Hip Hop than scoring some fresh overalls at the thrift shop. Special Thanks: Taskforce: Chester P and Remus A.G (D.I.T.C) Pang … Continue reading PLGRM presents Independent Hip Hop