TZU – Beautiful (Ta-ku Remix)

After the release of TZU’s third studio album, Computer Love, in the Winter of 2008, Joelistics, Countbounce, Paso Bionic and Yeroc decided it was time to take a break. It was time to live, time to do the things they couldn’t whilst touring a critically acclaimed, j award nominated album. Things like smelling the roses, making babies and travelling the world. Now, a few years on, the clouds have parted, the flame has reignited and TZU have once again suited up, ready to release their fourth studio LP, Millions of Moments. Millions of Moments sees TZU delving further into the … Continue reading TZU – Beautiful (Ta-ku Remix)

TZU – Beginning Of The End

TZU introduce their new single, Beginning of the End their finest, seamlessly merging musical genres and sounds, whilst tackling current global issues head on to create a glorious alternative pop statement. It follows the story of a man who time travels into the future and sees the effects of mankind’s destruction of the Earth – the literal End of the World. ‘If you’re going to write a song about the end of the world, you want to make it as grand and amazing a tribute to the entire species and all of history (as you can)”, says singer and writer Joel Ma of … Continue reading TZU – Beginning Of The End

Sietta – No Longer Hurt: Official Video Clip

Be prepared to be impressed by the fiery electronic soul of Darwin duo Sietta, made up of producer/instrumentalist James Mangohig and vocalist Caiti Baker. Their début album The Seventh Passenger is turning heads in all the right directions.  Both experienced musical childhoods: Caiti travelled throughout Australia to blues and folk festivals with her blues musician father, absorbing dog-eared record collections stocked with Etta James, Memphis Minni and Aretha Franklin; while James sat on wooden church pews with gospel music soaring around him. Caiti spent her entire teenage years recording herself on her dad’s 8 track digital recorder, learning to sing by building harmonies over … Continue reading Sietta – No Longer Hurt: Official Video Clip