TZU – Beautiful (Ta-ku Remix)

After the release of TZU’s third studio album, Computer Love, in the Winter of 2008, Joelistics, Countbounce, Paso Bionic and Yeroc decided it was time to take a break. It was time to live, time to do the things they couldn’t whilst touring a critically acclaimed, j award nominated album.


Things like smelling the roses, making babies and travelling the world. Now, a few years on, the clouds have parted, the flame has reignited and TZU have once again suited up, ready to release their fourth studio LP, Millions of Moments.

Millions of Moments sees TZU delving further into the electronic direction they explored on Computer Love. As colourful collection of original and charismatic tunes, these ‘millions of moments’ are set in Australia at vastly differing times.

The narrative follows the adventures of Persephone. Our mysterious protagonist trials a drug called Chronos, which sends her hurtling through time (Doctor Who style) to inhabit the consciousness of an array of alluring folk.

The passing of time sees TZU in superb form. There is a depth to this eclectic LP that burrows deeper and resonates more intensely than ever before. The band is more confident, more assured, more poised. Joelistics’ vocals buck and sway, blossoming into song, his story-telling bursting with social conscience and far reaching wonder.

Countbounce’s multi-layered production is flawless, cinematic and rich. Upbeat numbers like flagship single Beginning of the End and the elastic Nowhere Home are complemented by evocative scores Heart of Darkness and Running from Zardoz.

New single Beautifuland Criminals and Murderers heave with turbulent lyrics and dark electronic pulses, alongside those more poignant, as in The Window. And Sydney songstress Holly Throsby adds a haunting fragility to the glacial, Breakthrough. Here we have a stunning remix from beatsmith Ta-Ku, flipping TZU’s latest single Beautiful

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