Fundamental Elements 6 Feet Deep

Fundamental Elements have long shared a vision to put the Boom-Bap back into a local rap scene that has, at times, somewhat lost focus. Both rappers have been able to cage the energy of a live gig and hype of a full house in the studio and unleash it through their recordings. Their honest and direct lyrical approach to personal issues, politics and representing hip hop culture is laid over rap tracks cooked by seasoned beatsmiths Leaf Dog, Soley & FE’s own Pleura. F.E. are on the move! Early 2013, F.E. dropped their second EP, The Homecoming. Production came primarily … Continue reading Fundamental Elements 6 Feet Deep

Fundamental Elements The Sickness

It’s been a moment since the last Fundamental Elements release, but they’re back and better than ever, ready to deliver more quality boom gap for the heads. In preparation for their upcoming EP entitled The Prerequisite, we are proud to announce the official launch of the first single and film clip, The Sickness. You can check out the brand new official film coup of The Sickness feat. Nuggy Gee, Insideus & DJ Upryt below. The Prerequisite EP also features DJ Johnny Love, DJ Upryt, Nuggy Gee, Insideus, and production from Leaf Dog (High Focus Records), Soley & Pleura. FE will … Continue reading Fundamental Elements The Sickness