Fundamental Elements 6 Feet Deep

Fundamental Elements have long shared a vision to put the Boom-Bap back into a local rap scene that has, at times, somewhat lost focus. Both rappers have been able to cage the energy of a live gig and hype of a full house in the studio and unleash it through their recordings.


Their honest and direct lyrical approach to personal issues, politics and representing hip hop culture is laid over rap tracks cooked by seasoned beatsmiths Leaf Dog, Soley & FE’s own Pleura. F.E. are on the move!

Early 2013, F.E. dropped their second EP, The Homecoming. Production came primarily from Species and Pleura, accompanied with a healthy shot of beats from local Brisbane beatsmith, Cam Bluff (Vegas Aces, Born Fresh) who, in his own right, is steadily carving out his place in the Australian hip hop scene.

Fundamental Elements were recently the main support for the High Focus Records’ Smoke My Tour Brisbane show. Past shows have seen the crew share the stage with international headliners like Immortal Technique (US) and Eastborn (UK) , not to mention the long list of local heavy weights- Muph & Plutonic, Lazy Grey, Jake Biz, Illzilla, The Tongue, Maundz, Tommy Illfigga, Dialect & Despair, DJ Katch (Resin Dogs), Brass (Celcius Crew), Rainman & Calksi, Daily Meds, Kings Konekted, Pure Product and Coalition Crew.

As well as releasing their debut EP Living Secrets, Fundamental Elements have also featured on various albums and releases including Read Between The Rhymes by The Allegiance, Velvet Couch and Clockwork Records: Fun Not Fame Mixtape Vol 1, 2 & 3, Nurcha Mixtape Vol. 2 by Nurcha Records and other solid collaborations across the national scene.

During 2014, Fundamental Elements have been busy turning out new music. Their latest work, The Prerequisite hosts strong in-house production by Pleura with help from Leaf Dog (High Focus Records, Four Owls) on “The Prerequisite”.

Fundamental Elements have not changed their game plan, they’ve always been about making dope rap to reflect their scene, and throw back to that boom-bap soundscape. Their third instalment through Clockwork Records and the Velvet Couch massive, The Prerequisite EP shines with the same crispness as any F.E. hip-hop release. The voice of Bris City’s finest, at it’s loudest.


The Prerequisite defines not only them, but the scene from where they hail. That first neck-snap of boom-bap is provided by producer Solely who lends an old Gang starr-type jazz-hop pollination of rolling samples to the F.E. signature on ‘INTRO’.

The instrumental backs up the title-track, ‘Prerequisite’ which sees Species and Pleura throw a flurry of blows to get the EP rolling, displaying their ‘illlyrical behaviour’ with Leaf Dog (High Focus Records, Four Owls, Brothers Of The Stone) on the boards. Momentum runs strong into their Velvet Couch Commission cut ‘Y’All Been Warned’. Here, both MCs do what MCs do best; talk smack in metaphors over head-nodding bars and juicy loops in perfect tandem. F.E. step up their rap game on this joint alone.

The grimy side of the EP rears its head on ‘6 Feet Deep’ (Stream Below), a joint that oozes an underground stench, the perfect throwback with beats that seem to belong together like Timberlands and hoodies. No rest for the wicked on this cut, as both rappers dodge the hook, “We hate cops and love sampling” to exchange bars like two razor-sharp MCs lying in wait.

‘Dead End Goals’ paints a very cynical outlook as both spill their ink over the sentiment of many involved across Brisbane’s hip-hop scene; that no matter how hard they graft they may never reach the heights of success without going commercial. Their journey has to be for the love of writing raps records.

To cap this affair, smooth and melodic chords set a very reflective mood for ‘The Sickness’ feat. Nuggy Gee, Insideus & DJ Upryt’, recounting the fiendish night sweats of these hungry MCs addicted to vinyl, finding solace only in scratching pen to paper in the chase for a dope beat. The narrative of these MCs illustrates just how much passion runs through the Brisbang hip-hop scene.

The Prerequisite says a lot for Fundamental Elements and indeed the scene that they fiercely represent. A crisp-fresh and well-structured hip-hop release for FE-hip-hop, Clockwork Records and the Velvet Couch massive, this is an effort from two self determined MCs, doing it as good as anyone else. Bris City’s finest, at it’s loudest.

The Prerequisite EP will be available globally for free digital download via March 3. You can also pick up a range of vinyl packs, including shirts, FE USB Card, and CD’s. These are available for pre-order now at