Enflux – Shovel In Hand

Enflux originally from the New England region of NSW, is now a new addition to the Boomtown scene and has just released a follow up to his The Discovery EP titled Shovel In Hand. The new EP features Alisa Fedele, Context, eMCYTe, Tycotic, Nix, Davie Darko, C A M, and Mitchell James. Shovel In Hand has been totally produced, mixed and mastered by Mitchell James. Enflux will spend the next year promoting his brand new EP. He is currently writing his first full length album as well as a short mixtape that will proceed the upcoming album, just to keep them ears … Continue reading Enflux – Shovel In Hand

Dwizofoz – Art Intimidates Life

Hailing from the sleepy Queensland capital city known as Boomtown, Dwizofoz has been around for more than a minute now. A big man with a big presence. At 26, Dwizofoz is a young leader in Brisbane hip hop who has earnt a reputation as an animal on the mic with his unique rapid fire flow delivery, honest and clever yet hard hitting and thought out lyrics and an undeniable passion for what he does. The long awaited follow up to his Baked Not Fried EP (released 2009) is Art Intimidates Life. A collection of tracks that serves as an audiobiography of sorts, … Continue reading Dwizofoz – Art Intimidates Life