Dwizofoz – Art Intimidates Life

Hailing from the sleepy Queensland capital city known as Boomtown, Dwizofoz has been around for more than a minute now. A big man with a big presence. At 26, Dwizofoz is a young leader in Brisbane hip hop who has earnt a reputation as an animal on the mic with his unique rapid fire flow delivery, honest and clever yet hard hitting and thought out lyrics and an undeniable passion for what he does.


The long awaited follow up to his Baked Not Fried EP (released 2009) is Art Intimidates Life. A collection of tracks that serves as an audiobiography of sorts, this album takes listeners on a journey to get to know who Dwizofoz is as a person, a father and as an emcee. Kicking off the album in a big way is In My Shoes a tale of how Dwiz used to have to make ends meet for himself at a young age growing up in housing commission communities. Other notable standouts on the album are Take What’s Mine and title track Art Intimidates Life feat. DJ Dcide, which represent Dwiz’s mission statement, that he’s in it for the long haul and isn’t going away any time soon.

Style with Bias B is a powerful example of Dwizofoz’s explosive way with words, and stands to cement Dwiz’s place as one of the best, if not at least most unique lyricists in the country. Dwiz also switches up the tone on the album with tracks like The Wrong One feat. Mr Hill, a track dedicated to scandalous bitches everywhere, Can Happen To You a short, inspired by a true story tale clearly close to Dwiz’s own heart and Her Letter a song written for his daughter over a spine tingling Mdusu instrumental.

With this album, Dwizofoz is sure to break free of the “battle host” tag he’s probably best known for and secure himself a reputation as a leader among the next generation of emcee’s coming out of our shores.

Track List
01. Intro
02. In My Shoes (Produced by MCRotheee)
03. Take What’s Mine (Produced by Mizari)
04. Art Intimidates Life Ft. DJ Dcide (Produced by Insideus)
05. Playground (Produced by Pyrex)
06. Style! Ft. Bias B (Produced by Swilo)
07. Micology 101 Ft. Exit Strategy, Flowz and Strooth (Produced by Insideus)
08. Steps (Produced by AussieOzborn)
09. The Wrong One Ft. Mr. Hill and Irrelevant (Produced by Double Digits)
10. Can Happen To You (Produced by Mizari)
11. Her Letter (Produced by Mdusu)
12. Last Of Me Ft. Sean B and eMCYTe (Produced by Sean B)

All other cuts by DJ Immaculate.

Art Intimidates Life is available now by following the link here

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