Bitter Belief – The Gallery

Growing up in a family of musicians Bitter Belief was constantly surrounded by the sounds of his cousins and uncles jamming. At the time never taking an interest in any of the instruments he found more enjoyment in just sitting, watching and soaking it all in. 


Bitter Belief then began writing poems at the young age of 14 but with his growing love for hip hop by the time he was 15 that love for writing had transcended into rhymes/raps.

Influenced by the likes of Nas, 2pac, NWA and other rappers Bitter then discovered his passion for the music and using the most basic and cheap equipment he would then record and write as much as he possibly could over the next few years. After being heard by an independent record label he was then signed at the age of 17 where he released an EP and later left to recreate his style and start from scratch.

Since that day Bitter has released over 10 mixtapes that were distributed by himself locally and then followed up by his debut album Isolation. Since Isolation Bitter has been lucky enough to tour the country with Drapht and his band on more than one occasion and along the way has learned enough to develop into the MC he is today.

Bitter Belief was then honored to be asked and accepted into the WA family/crew Syllabolix! In early 2012 Bitter B dropped a mixtape titled The Tour Guide Mixtape which was the lead up to his upcoming album May 2013 release The Gallery which features the likes of The Tongue, Purpose, Briggs, Hau, Creed Birch, Mr Grevis other SBX members and more! On the Production is mainly Creed Birch, with M-Phazes, Cam Bluff and Rob Shaker, Rob  also handles all the cuts on the album and did all the mixing and mastering. Look for The Gallery it drops at the end of the month.

Track Listing
01 The Gallery
02 Break The Chain
03 Into Fear (ft. Matty Gresham)
04 The Circus
05 Didn’t I Fool You?
06 Stand Up
07 High On Life (ft. The Tongue, Purpose & Sarah Pellicano)
08 Outerspace
09 Snakes And Ladders (ft. Layla, Mortar, Mr Grevis, Optamus, Dazastah & Drapht)
10 Never Mind (ft. Creed Birch & John Barrett)
11 The Sweet Science (ft. Briggs & Hau)
12 Mr. Big Man
13 Hitch Hiker
14 All I Need (ft. Cortext)
15 Face Off
16 Paranoia (ft. Sarah Pellicano)

Release Date: May 31, 2013.
Released By: Soul Clap and Obese Distribution

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