Bitter Belief – The Gallery

Growing up in a family of musicians Bitter Belief was constantly surrounded by the sounds of his cousins and uncles jamming. At the time never taking an interest in any of the instruments he found more enjoyment in just sitting, watching and soaking it all in.  Bitter Belief then began writing poems at the young age of 14 but with his growing love for hip hop by the time he was 15 that love for writing had transcended into rhymes/raps. Influenced by the likes of Nas, 2pac, NWA and other rappers Bitter then discovered his passion for the music and using … Continue reading Bitter Belief – The Gallery

Bitter Belief – Isolation (Out Now)

The debut album from Perth MC Bitter Belief. Bitter B has been paying his dues over the last few years on mixtapes, guest spots and rocking stages all over the country, on his own and also touring with SBX’s Drapht. Bitter Belief was also a part of the recent album The Dragon Project with Tomahawk, Defyre and Rob Shaker. Who Would Want me Dead? (feat. Dazastah & Drapht) Isolation is his debut album, featuring production from the West’s best, Optamus, Dazastah, Rob Shaker and Creed Birch. Tracklisting: 1. Introduction 2. Who You Came To See 3. Move Back 4. Burning … Continue reading Bitter Belief – Isolation (Out Now)