Bitter Belief – Isolation (Out Now)

The debut album from Perth MC Bitter Belief. Bitter B has been paying his dues over the last few years on mixtapes, guest spots and rocking stages all over the country, on his own and also touring with SBX’s Drapht. Bitter Belief was also a part of the recent album The Dragon Project with Tomahawk, Defyre and Rob Shaker.

Who Would Want me Dead? (feat. Dazastah & Drapht)

Isolation is his debut album, featuring production from the West’s best, Optamus, Dazastah, Rob Shaker and Creed Birch.

1. Introduction
2. Who You Came To See
3. Move Back
4. Burning Embers
5. Letter To Melody (feat. Creed Birch, John Barrett & Porsah Laine)
6. In Your Mouth
7. Dance With The Devil
8. The Peoples Champ
9. Party In Perth (feat. Porsah Laine)
10. Lost Soul
11. Memory Lane (feat. Sam Roberts & John Barrett)
12. The Bounce
13. Chemical Love (feat. Optamus & Moondog J)
14. The Storm (feat. Porsah Laine)
15. Diggin Deep
16. Who Would Want me Dead? (feat. Dazastah & Drapht)
17. Pure Evil
18. Own Worst Enemy (feat. Sam Roberts)

You can hear some of Bitter B’s mixtape tracks here.
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