aahh Radio with Director Eddie Martin (All This Mayhem)

All This Mayhem tells the story of brothers Tas and Ben Pappas, two boys from Melbourne who took the skateboarding world by storm, defeating Tony Hawk and crowned International World Champions within a year. Skateboarding came naturally to the Pappas brothers, but success was a different story. In this unflinching, never-before-seen account we witness the dark consequences of Tas and Ben’s rapid success, their intense fraternal bond and their journey from the pinnacle of their sport into a downward spiral of self-destruction. From the makers of award-winning documentaries Exit Through the Gift Shop and Senna, and featuring fascinating interviews, first … Continue reading aahh Radio with Director Eddie Martin (All This Mayhem)

Banksy directs new Simpsons title sequence

UK graffiti artist Banksy has created a controversial title sequence for long-running US animation The Simpsons. The latest intro, which was shown in the US on Sunday, opens with the street artist’s tag scrawled across the town of Springfield. It closes with a minute-long sequence showing dozens of sweatshop workers in a warehouse painting cartoon cells and making Simpsons merchandise. The episodes titled is called MoneyBart. The extended sequence was apparently inspired by reports the show outsources the bulk of their animation to a company in South Korea. According to the street artist, his storyboard led to delays, disputes over … Continue reading Banksy directs new Simpsons title sequence

Exit Through The Gift Shop – Extended Season @ The Mercury

Adelaide’s The Mercury and Iris Cinemas are run by the Media Resource Centre to enhance screen culture and to give screening opportunities to emerging South Australian film, video and digital media artists. Currently, The Mercury has been screening the infamous Banksy’s new documentary, Exit Through The Gift Shop. The popularity of this has been huge, with The Mercury extending the season AGAIN! There will be four more screenings of Exit Through The Gift Shop before fans will have to wait to catch it on DVD release. Support a great cinema and head on down this weekend. Session times are below. … Continue reading Exit Through The Gift Shop – Extended Season @ The Mercury