Exit Through The Gift Shop – Extended Season @ The Mercury

Adelaide’s The Mercury and Iris Cinemas are run by the Media Resource Centre to enhance screen culture and to give screening opportunities to emerging South Australian film, video and digital media artists.

Currently, The Mercury has been screening the infamous Banksy’s new documentary, Exit Through The Gift Shop. The popularity of this has been huge, with The Mercury extending the season AGAIN! There will be four more screenings of Exit Through The Gift Shop before fans will have to wait to catch it on DVD release.

Support a great cinema and head on down this weekend. Session times are below.

The British graffiti artist is renowned for producing iconic street art and fiercely guarding his identity to avoid prosecution. Little surprise then, that he was unwilling to be filmed by an eccentric French shop owner named Thierry Guetta. Exit Through The Gift Shop traces Thierry’s attempts to capture the world of graffiti art in thrilling detail, following many of the best known vandals at work in the streets. We trace Thierry’s efforts to locate and befriend Banksy only to have the artist turn the camera back on its owner – with spectacular results. An incendiary true story of low-level criminality, companionship and incompetence.

Session Times:
Friday 25 Jun:    7:00pm | 9:00pm
Saturday 26 June: 7:00pm | 9:00pm
Tickets $12/$10
Dir: Banksy
UK 87mins 35mm
Mercury Website