Tom Ugly – I Was Somebody Else feat. Pez

There once was a boy called Tom Ugly. A prodigious talent. From an early age Tom knew that he wasn’t like the other children in the playground. Instead of kiss-chasey and ring-around-the-rosy, Tom was enamoured with the world of music and devoted most of his time to banging on Tupperware in the kitchen. Time passed and the obsession evolved. From Tupperware to percussion….percussion to strings…strings to voice…voice to electronics. The unique abilities of this boy were confirmed when, at the tender age of 16, Tom (and his band) became the first in a long line of unfathomably talented youngsters to … Continue reading Tom Ugly – I Was Somebody Else feat. Pez

DJ Debris Wins ARIA for Best Engineering

This year the category of Engineer of the Year rounded out with two equal winners who worked with very different genres of music. Hilltop Hoods member, DJ Debris (Barry Francis) has been recognised for his work on State Of The Art, the follow up to the Hilltop Hoods 2006 ARIA Award winning album, The Hard Road. Greg Wales who engineered and produced for You Am I, was the other winner. The 23rd Annual ARIA Awards will be held Thursday, November 26 at Acer Arena. Continue reading DJ Debris Wins ARIA for Best Engineering