Cryptic – Master Of Words LP

With a broad scope of styles from introspective, dark humour, battle-style music to good old boom bap lyricism, Cryptic (aka James Dowling) is admired for his uniquely complex rhyming patterns, verbose dexterity, relevant humour, stage presence and stylised flow. Cryptic has diligently analysed and worked on his craft, and is now producing a unique sound on stage and in the booth. Having battled in Got Beef? Battles, Real Talk Battle League and Grind Time Now Australia, and played middle scale gigs across Australia, Cryptic, with crew 3000 are taking it to the next level.  Cryptic has released his debut LP … Continue reading Cryptic – Master Of Words LP

360 Vs. Kerser

The biggest match up in Australian battle rap for 2011. Campbelltown’s Kerser goes toe to toe with Melbourne’s 360 to settle the hype between their two vocal fanbases. Will this battle decide the winner? The boys decided to let their fans argue it out, so comment, subscribe, share it with your friends, let us know who you thought won… Head over to the aahh Facebook Page to join the discussion. The battle was held at Laundry Bar by Grind Time Now Australia. Filmed and edited by Dands1. Kerser  ||  360  ||  Grind Time Now Australia Continue reading 360 Vs. Kerser