Ozi Batla Vs Young Libral (Triple J Hack)

The Herd have officially pulled out of the Coal To Coast Festival after a shit storm of criticism. Ozi Batla appeared on Triple J’s Hack this afternoon defending The Herds position on pulling out of the festival. The band were scheduled to headline the event near Mackay tonight but pulled out at the last minute due to conflicting interests with the coal industry sponsors. How can a band/group come under fire for trying to spread their message to a larger audience. Having grown up in a mining town, I have seen first hand the negative effects that mining has not … Continue reading Ozi Batla Vs Young Libral (Triple J Hack)

The Herd Sell Out??? Who you kidding?

An interesting event happened today, and I say interesting as we don’t usually see this type of thing in aussie hip hop. It seems that The Herd have come under fire for accepting to play at an upcoming gig dubbed the Coal To Coast Festival. It seems that the festival’s motives of ‘celebrating the benefits of mining to the community’, have upset some of the more political fans of The Herd. The argument spilled over on to the Elefant Traks website forum and has also had Urthboy twittering madly. As we know some of the views put forward on forums … Continue reading The Herd Sell Out??? Who you kidding?