Ozi Batla Vs Young Libral (Triple J Hack)


The Herd have officially pulled out of the Coal To Coast Festival after a shit storm of criticism. Ozi Batla appeared on Triple J’s Hack this afternoon defending The Herds position on pulling out of the festival. The band were scheduled to headline the event near Mackay tonight but pulled out at the last minute due to conflicting interests with the coal industry sponsors.

How can a band/group come under fire for trying to spread their message to a larger audience. Having grown up in a mining town, I have seen first hand the negative effects that mining has not only had on the environment and health etc.  In saying this, it would almost be impossible for a band to play at any festival in any mining town like Mackacy, and not have the main economic industry be involved in someway, financially or otherwise.

This has been a very tricky situation for The Herd. This situation has been unfair to everyone involved, The Herd, the people of Mackacy, the Australian music public, the events organisers etc. We just hope that the biggest victim in this doesn’t turn out to be aussie hip hop.

To finish up everyone here at allaussie hip hop throws their support behind The Herd. In no way has the events of the last few days changed our opinion of one of Australia’s top hip hop crews! Let’s put it to bed people and hope that we don’t see something like this happen again.