GTMs Community Program expands in 2017

At the heart of Groovin the Moo’s (GTM) festival philosophy is the desire to showcase and support the communities and regions that are often those less travelled. GTM’s Community Program has been developing organically each year and we’re thrilled to announce what we’ve got in store for 2017. This year, we’re excited to be bringing a bunch of our most beloved community initiatives to every region across the country. These range from work experience for budding festival lovers to opportunities for local artists to showcase their wares and programs for disadvantaged youth. Graffin the Moo GTM engages the skills of … Continue reading GTMs Community Program expands in 2017

Phrase Records Rock Cover For Charity

Phrase has been given the opportunity to cover one of 3 classic Australian rock songs and it’s up to YOU to help him choose which song he’s going to cover. This is all to help raise money for the Heaps Decent initiative that is committed to the cause of finding and nurturing the creativity of underprivileged and Indigenous young people and has all been made possible through the help of the Snickers Sessions. Every vote cast will raise $1 for the Heaps Decent initiative and is giving you and your friends the opportunity to see Phrase cover the song of YOUR choice! Just hit … Continue reading Phrase Records Rock Cover For Charity