Phrase Records Rock Cover For Charity

Phrase has been given the opportunity to cover one of 3 classic Australian rock songs and it’s up to YOU to help him choose which song he’s going to cover. This is all to help raise money for the Heaps Decent initiative that is committed to the cause of finding and nurturing the creativity of underprivileged and Indigenous young people and has all been made possible through the help of the Snickers Sessions.

Every vote cast will raise $1 for the Heaps Decent initiative and is giving you and your friends the opportunity to see Phrase cover the song of YOUR choice! Just hit the Snickers Sessions website and cast your vote for one of these three songs:

The Easybeats – Friday On My Mind

Skyhooks – Horror Movie

Australian Crawl – Reckless

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Babylon Tracklisting 
1 – Apart – Feat. Davey Lane 
2 – Babylon
3 – Dreamers On The Run – Feat. Guineafowl 
4 – Faithful – Feat. Alex Burnett of Sparkadia 
5 – Velvet Glove – Feat. Jimmy Barnes 
6 – Shut Em Down 
7 – The Book – Feat. Jane Doe 
8 – Bubblegum 
9 – Just For You 
10 – Chase the Sun – Feat. The Preachers 
11 – Never Enough 
12 – Phoenix

Phrase talks about the classic tracks ‘Reckless’, ‘Horror Movie’, and ‘Friday on My Mind’ and how he would go about covering each of them for SNICKERS® SESSIONS.

Babylon The Album
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