Cozzabags – Boganics

Originally from Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs Cozzabags was a part of the city’s vibrant graffiti scene in the 90’s and 00’s. He also DJ’d in small Melbourne clubs during the burgeoning Hip Hop scenes earliest days. His first influences were Funk, US Hip Hop and seeing local punk & hardcore bands perform in community halls in Melbourne’s outer East. His unusual influences are often reflected in his music whilst still giving a tip of the cap to Old-School Hip Hop.
His bedroom produced track Boganics generated some 18,000 views on YouTube in 2010. Not quite a dream come true but the interest in Boganics was the encouragement needed to commence work on his mixtape and begin performing. Playing venues in Camden, Angel and the music hub – Vibe Bar in Brick Lane, Cozzabags has been performing to a fast growing following in London over the past 6 months. He also came runner up in the prestigious I Luv Live MC Comp on the 13th June. He released his mixtape on the 11th April, 2011, and an album due for release later in the year.

Lyrically Cozzabags is poignant, often cynical but always earnest. Whilst some tracks delve into the political arena, the general sound is brash, upbeat and light hearted but if Cozzabags’s influences tell any kind of story it’s just beats ‘n’ rhymes. It’s unapologetically Australian and it was born in London. After staking a claim in London, Cozzabags has decided to move back to the motherland to complete his debut album in late 2011.

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