Yung Nooky – Survivors EP (Indent Ten Year Tour)

Nooky is from Nowra on the South Coast and is a proud member of the Yuin Nation. Yung Nooky is a fresh new blend of club banging sounds and socially conscious lyrics. Yung Nooky keeps strong cultural identity at the forefront of all his artistic endeavors. He has over 90 performances under his belt, ranging from community to international events and festivals. Ozi Batla from Elefant Traks produced Yung Nooky’s debut EP Survivors as well as featuring on the track Salute. Survivors is due to drop next month. Nooky also recently flew to LA to record with Taboo from the … Continue reading Yung Nooky – Survivors EP (Indent Ten Year Tour)

Indent 10 Year Tour

Indent, a project of Music NSW, has been providing all-ages events and opportunities for young musicians for 10 years. Indent dates back to the 1996 Drug Summit where one of the many outcomes was the development of a Youth Entertainment Pilot (YEP) project to promote developments in government policy relating to the staging of under 18’s and all ages events and drug and alcohol free entertainment. This excellent program is now 10 years old so in celebration of ten years of live all-ages drug and alcohol free events MusicNSW has just announced the Indent Ten Year Tour, supported by NRMA … Continue reading Indent 10 Year Tour