Watch: Citizen Kay – Yes!

Canberra hip hop artist Citizen Kay is enjoying a rapidly growing profile thanks to some radio airplay and well received shows over the past couple of months. He’s even been added to the line-up of Groovin The Moo’s Canberra leg. At the age of 14 his music teachers and peers recognized his potential as a musician, however hip-hop came into play in a big way and his love of rap and the recording of it took centre stage. Since 2008 Kay has become well known for rapping in the Capital. He has written, produced and recorded songs for himself and … Continue reading Watch: Citizen Kay – Yes!

Citizen Kay Announces new single ‘Yes!’

Originally born in Ghana, then moving to the Capital of Australia while still very young, Citizen Kay has grown up with an ambition to make his way into the music scene. Beginning as an aspiring songwriter with a love of hip-hop, he began rapping under the name ‘Kay‘. Not long after teaching himself how to rap, he decided to start teaching himself how to make beats and the art of recording. As time went on, Kay gained more experience making beats, finessing his rapping style and writing and recording his music. His reputation spread and before long he was working … Continue reading Citizen Kay Announces new single ‘Yes!’

Axiom – Back Against The Wall

Distill rap music down to its base elements and what do you have: a MC and a DJ. Axiom is Kay Illa and Bom. Kay Illa is in front of the mic and Bom is behind the decks and production boards. The Axiom partnership was forged in 2004 while Kay and Bom were still in school on the North Coast of NSW.  Hip Hop was only just beginning to creep into the local music scene at the time and classic releases like Brad Strut’s – The Authentic were big influences on the early Axiom sound and subject matter. By 2005, the members of Axiom were pushing … Continue reading Axiom – Back Against The Wall