Burns & Nebs – Sugar Magik

Here we have some new music from the LookUP family – a collaboration between Scott Burns & Nebs titled Sugar Magik. This 5 track free release is available for free download on sugarmagik.com or from the link below. The Sugar Magik release features some killer artwork from Mike Watt, you can check out the lead single below. Tracklist 1. In The Zone 2. Some Decibels 3. Another Message 4. Burns Sugar Nebs Magik 5. A Toast Vocals + Lyrics = Scott Burns Production + Mastering = Nebs Artwork = Mike Watt Sugar Magik  ||  Download Link  ||  LookUp Records Continue reading Burns & Nebs – Sugar Magik

Bingethinkers – Cannon Fodder Video Clip

Over the past half-decade, Bingethinkers have built their reputation as one of Sydney’s most dynamic hip hop outfits- electrifying audiences with their remarkable live show. The group is comprised of MC Rinse on the mic, DJ 2Buck (Dialectrix, Gully Platoon) on the decks (and beats) and producers Aeon (a member of Sydney rock/electronica act Decoder Ring) and PSYKEone on the beats. This combination of high energy, boom bap production and razor sharp lyrics create an unmatched collection of individual talent sharing a single ethos. First clip from Bingethinkers debut album “Where Are They Now – Cannon Fodder”. – Directed by VERSUS. Following up from the release of their ShelfLife Mixtape (2007), Bingethinkers formed LookUP with fellow Sydneysiders Scott Burns and Thats … Continue reading Bingethinkers – Cannon Fodder Video Clip

Relive The 2nd Annual ReUP Festival

The guys over at LookUP have organised a montage put together by PSYKEone, covering some of the highlights from The 2nd Annual ReUP Festival which took place in Sydney on April 25 2010 – Relive the chaos below… Here’s the order of the day to help you follow things – if you have a Sound-Cloud membership help out by tagging extra details on the waveform: “Beat Fighter” beat battle, Daily Meds, Class A & Nikkita, Swarmy, “Feeding Time” emcee battle, Dialectrix, LC Beats and Rival, That’s Them, Thundamentals and Def Wish Cast. Continue reading Relive The 2nd Annual ReUP Festival

That’s Them – Stay Up

Since the release of the Thats Them EP, the group have simply gone from strength to strength. Nebs’ unique production sound is receiving international acclaim with the likes of A-Alikes (RBGs) and Solomon Childs (Killer Bees) writing to his world-class beats, whilst the stunningly futuristic Sonics of ‘Big Cty Music – (The Nebs Treatment)‘ feature on Scott Burn’s debut album locally. Add to that a commanding presence on the LookUP In The Sky Vol.1 mixtape and the remarkable feat of selling out their 12″ vinyl debut on LookUP Records a week before its official release. The guys music was also … Continue reading That’s Them – Stay Up