That’s Them – Stay Up


Since the release of the Thats Them EP, the group have simply gone from strength to strength. Nebs’ unique production sound is receiving international acclaim with the likes of A-Alikes (RBGs) and Solomon Childs (Killer Bees) writing to his world-class beats, whilst the stunningly futuristic Sonics of ‘Big Cty Music – (The Nebs Treatment)‘ feature on Scott Burn’s debut album locally. Add to that a commanding presence on the LookUP In The Sky Vol.1 mixtape and the remarkable feat of selling out their 12″ vinyl debut on LookUP Records a week before its official release.

The guys music was also heavily featured on the SBS Television’s Swift and Shift Couriers That’s them are now eagerly awaiting the release of their debut long-player Stay Up. The albums see’s That’s Them combining with good mates such as Swarmy G, Rainman, Tommy Illfigga, Scott Burns and Rinse from The Bingethinkers and promises to bring a new level of maturity to their unique sound and ensure a new hip hop benchmark is set for years to come.

Stay Up will be available August 1st. To get more info go here.

Track listing:
1 – Stay UpIntro
2 – We’re Back
3 – You know It’s Us
4 – Listen To The Rain
5 – No More Time For Playing
6 – Stay Up
7 – Black Belts
8 – Straight Chilling
9 – All I Want To Do Feat. Scott Burns
10 – Tearing It Down Feat. Rinse
11 – I Get High
12 – What Up
13 – Got To Move On
14 – Here’s A Little Story
15 – Role Play
16 – Where Do We Go feat. Tommy Ill & Rainman
17 – Burn The Whole Place Down feat. Swarmy G
18 – To Break The Rules Of Love