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Presenting the self titled debut album from Sarm of the acclaimed Sydney duo That’s Them. Featuring guest spots from undisputed kings Kerser, Rates, Fraksha, Tornts, Dialectrix and Rinse (Bingethinkers), with […]

Obese Distribution

Kerser – The Nebulizer (Out Now)

Reigning champion of the notorious Got Beef? battles, achieving a staggering million plus YouTube views and selling more than 3000 copies of his two mixtapes comes Sydney’s cocky, charismatic MC Kerser. Joining forces with freakish beat-banging producer Nebs, Kerser has put together The Nebulizer, his keenly anticipated first album. You already know the story of a place like this – home invasions, drive-by shootings, […]

LookUP Records

Bingethinkers – Where Are They Now…. [Out Now – Don’t Sleep!]

Over the past half-decade, Bingethinkers have built their reputation as one of Sydney’s most dynamic hip hop outfits- electrifying audiences with their remarkable live show. The group is comprised of MC Rinse on the mic, DJ 2Buck (Dialectrix, Gully Platoon) on the decks (and beats) and producers Aeon (a member of Sydney rock/electronica act Decoder Ring) and PSYKEone on the […]

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That’s Them – BAM! [New Video Clip]

Thats Them Feat. Kerser, Swarmy & DJ Mathmatics – BAM! Heres the brand new video which is taken from the forthcoming That’s Them album The G-Up set to be released Dec 17th The G-UP features 17 tracks, with guest appearances from Smashbrothers, Kerser, Swarmy, Scott Burns, Rinse and DJ Mathmatics More information to come soon. Directed by Avene

allaussie hip hop exclusive

Relive The 2nd Annual ReUP Festival

The guys over at LookUP have organised a montage put together by PSYKEone, covering some of the highlights from The 2nd Annual ReUP Festival which took place in Sydney on April 25 2010 – Relive the chaos below… Here’s the order of the day to help you follow things – if you have a Sound-Cloud membership help out by tagging […]