Bingethinkers – Where Are They Now…. [Out Now – Don’t Sleep!]

Over the past half-decade, Bingethinkers have built their reputation as one of Sydney’s most dynamic hip hop outfits- electrifying audiences with their remarkable live show. The group is comprised of MC Rinse on the mic, DJ 2Buck (Dialectrix, Gully Platoon) on the decks (and beats) and producers Aeon (a member of Sydney rock/electronica act Decoder Ring) and PSYKEone on the beats. This combination of high energy, boom bap production and razor sharp lyrics create an unmatched collection of individual talent sharing a single ethos.

Following up from the release of their ShelfLife mixtape (2007), Bingethinkers formed LookUP with fellow Sydneysiders Scott Burns and Thats Them. After various mixtape appearances and an exclusive 12″ vinyl release in 2010, Bingethinkers embark on their long-awaited full length debut, Where Are They Now…
A fusion of classic 90’s hip hop with the futuristic sounds of glitchy electronica, Where Are They Now… is true artistic cohesion, a melting pot of musical influences that includes traditional instruments, soul, electronica, rock, dub, dancehall & funk combined to create a sound like nothing else; the Bingethinkers.

From the lead single The Bust feat. Dialectrix to the soul-tinged Get The Picture, it is clear that Where Are They Now… is more the sound of an established crew cementing their musical legacy rather than that of a fresh collective honing their craft. MC Rinse’s infectious flow is on full display in The Bottle, while the crew’s impeccable production and instrumental prowess gets the heartfelt send off in the closing Stick Around. In News Report, The Binge plays on the panic stricken paranoia and shock value of 24 hour news to the back drop of siren-fuelled production and hard hitting rhymes. They are but a small offering of the infectious personalities and gifted work presented on Where Are They Now…

After establishing their name in the underground for 6 years, Bingethinkers are ready to break the surface.

You can purchase your copy of Where Are They Now… here. (via JB Hi-Fi) or here. (via iTunes)
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