Lariken – Happy as Larry EP [Available March 26]

Adelaide hip hop artist and renowned battle emcee Lariken is releasing his debut EP, Happy As Larry on March 26. Coming off the back of his recent battle success, Happy As Larry is a series of tracks meant to engage the mentality of keeping a happy mood and showing that even through his experience with battles, his subject matter can be varied and multi-topical.

The EP features production from Trials (Funkoars), K21 (Greenhouse), Rotten Produce and Lariken. With guest verses/hooks from K21, Chase, Eager and Kimberly Hale. Alongside the EP, Prime Records is currently running a promotion where all pre-orders will receive a free copy of The Lariken Mixtape. If you would like to preorder: $10 + free postage. Money Orders/Bank Deposits – Email
This mixtape is exclusive for those that preorder and features tracks/verses from: Lariken, Reef The Lost Cause, Hunter, Chase, Mnops, Nieve, Gravity Ponds, Manaz and more…