Lariken – Happy Hour EP + Launch

Lariken’s latest FREE release [don’t let the price tag fool you]. Following on from the success of his last EP Happy As Larry, Lariken has gone ahead and made a 5 track EP for anyone to listen to. He has handled every step of the process, from production and recording all the way to the final mixing. Lariken’s latest single, Rewind, has been received well and has also released a video clip for the track, which you can check out below. Lariken will be launching his EP Jan 18 in Adelaide at The Cavern. Tickets available here or by following the link … Continue reading Lariken – Happy Hour EP + Launch

Lariken – Happy as Larry EP [Available March 26]

Adelaide hip hop artist and renowned battle emcee Lariken is releasing his debut EP, Happy As Larry on March 26. Coming off the back of his recent battle success, Happy As Larry is a series of tracks meant to engage the mentality of keeping a happy mood and showing that even through his experience with battles, his subject matter can be varied and multi-topical. The EP features production from Trials (Funkoars), K21 (Greenhouse), Rotten Produce and Lariken. With guest verses/hooks from K21, Chase, Eager and Kimberly Hale. Alongside the EP, Prime Records is currently running a promotion where all pre-orders will … Continue reading Lariken – Happy as Larry EP [Available March 26]

What’s The Feel?! K21 – Greenhouse [Available Free]

One of the hardest workers in the business has just posted a his latest releases The Greenhouse up for FREE! K21, South Australian emcee and mic destoryer has decided to end the year with a gift for all you hip hop heads. To get the Greenhouse for free all you have to do is read on below. Look out for K21 in 2011. It’s bound to be a big year for him. Check the message from K21 below: What’s The Feel?! I’m hoping everyone has enjoyed their Xmas celebrations and are looking forward to the New Year and the festivities! … Continue reading What’s The Feel?! K21 – Greenhouse [Available Free]