What’s The Feel?! K21 – Greenhouse [Available Free]

One of the hardest workers in the business has just posted a his latest releases The Greenhouse up for FREE! K21, South Australian emcee and mic destoryer has decided to end the year with a gift for all you hip hop heads. To get the Greenhouse for free all you have to do is read on below. Look out for K21 in 2011. It’s bound to be a big year for him.
Check the message from K21 below:

What’s The Feel?!
I’m hoping everyone has enjoyed their Xmas celebrations and are looking forward to the New Year and the festivities! Too much Xmas food made me fett again (that’s not P.H. either, that’s F.F.A.T.T.T)

2010 has been a crazy fun year: plenty of gigging, music making, shared a bachelor (frog) pad with the Vents, was a zombie (and i’m still infected) and flew around the country many times illegally as Dan Rankine. My mang Trigga has some bad back issues so for the past couple of months I’ve been touring with the Oars. We’re all aware of his big feet, so filling his shoes was a challenge as much as it was a blast. Cheers to those who still got rowdy as hell, in true Oars fashion. Get well soon T.

Along the way some have asked me what I’ve been doing lately with my music or more vividly questions such as “so you’re that guy who won the Hilltop Hoods initiative, so when the f@!# is some of that new s#!& coming out K!?!?”
At the mo I’m head deep with projects all set to come out in 2011, my solo album, a gang of collaborations and a couple surprises. I’ve also been spending my minutes producing and mixing local lord Lariken’s CD, Happy As Larry which comes out next year. If you’ve seen him play with Chase (who also recently dropped a dope as hell EP), or on the battle tip you’ll know both of these guys have been smashing it!

A few moons back I put out a disk called The Greenhouse, a compilation album with guest verses/production from Patti (Adroit Effusive), Headlock, Tommy Illfigga, Trials, Koolta, Realizm, Evolve and some other talented MC’s I really rated while the disk was being made. Being a real limited indie pressing which moved itself in the first few months, it is now unavailable to stores and pretty much everywhere. sadfais.

Before the year ends and we glide into new set of 365 I thought I’d make The Greenhouse available for FREE download. If you would like a copy just shoot me through an email at k21.aus@gmail.com with:
1. Your name
2. Your age and gender (leave blank if confused)
3. Your city

As an extreme perfectionist of course I have to tell you that my newer unreleased stuff has come a looooooooooong way since making this, but before the new jams surface I wanted to make this available again for anybody keen to check it out. I’ve also added some bonus instrumentals and a sample-pack with some drums I used to make the album. I hope you enjoy!

Big ups to everyone who’s supported me this year, from spreading around Rappertag to shows, much love! Have a fkn fantastic NYE and I’ll see you in 2011!

You can check out more K21 news, info and updates at his page here.