Thats Them – The G-Up [Download Available]

It’s here! The G Up is That’s Them’s new full-length release, a collection of seventeen heavy tracks showcasing their new brand of sound. With Nebs at the helm of production throughout it’s entirety, The G Up sees That’s Them bashing up genres such as grime, hip-hop and dubstep to create The G Up sound. A follow up to their 2009 LP Stay Up, the album contains collaborations with the likes of Kerser, Leanne Russo, Rinse (Bingethinkers) Anthony “Rats” McCarthy, Swarmy, Smash Brothers, Scott Burns, DJ Dephy and DJ Mathmatics.

Download the album here now for free, and catch That’s Them on the road at a venue near you soon. 

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1. Banging It
2. The Take Over
3. Bam! feat. Kerser, Swarmy, DJ Mathmatics
4. Lyrical Fitness feat. DJ Dephy
5. Take You For A Ride feat. Anthony “Rats” McCarthy
6. Killer
7. Unbreakable V2 feat. Swarmy
8. You Won’t
9. That’s Us
10. This Is How We Roll feat. Leanne Russo
11. Smash Them feat. Smashbrothers
12. Backstabbers feat. Anthony “Rats” McCarthy
13. We’re On That Next Shit
14. Supreme Configuration REMIX feat. Scott Burns, Rinse, DJ Mathmatics
15. A B C D E F G Up feat. Anthony “Rats” McCarthy
16. The Love Has Gone feat. Leanne Russo
17. Your Fired

DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM HERE – 320kbps [Fresh Link]